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We have invested in 43 companies, showcasing our ability to identify promising opportunities.


With a dedicated team of 57 professionals, we bring diverse expertise to support our investments.


Our track record boasts over £44M+ invested in fueling the growth of our portfolio companies.


With 22 years in venture capital, our experience equips us with valuable insights for successful investment.

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We specialize in bespoke financing solutions, helping promising businesses reach their full potential.

Venture Capital

We actively invest in promising startups with strong growth potential. We focus on seed through series A deals, and are industry agnostic. We are passionate about emerging markets and have the globe-spanning presence to prove it.

Customized Debt Capital Solutions

When founders and entrepreneurs are hunting for non-dilutive capital to expand their business, we are here for them.  Our lending rates begin at market standard and terms compress as the relationship grows.

OUr portoflo companies
Omni-channel pharmacy marketplace in the Philippines that strategically places inventory hubs around the country to supply both their own micro pharmacies and third party pharmacies in the highly fragmented Philippines pharmacy market.
Middle-Mile Logistics
Skyway Airlines Inc. is a middle mile logistics player operating a pure cargo airline in the Philippines.
AI-Augmented Remote Workforce
Gush is delivering an affordable talent solution to help automate business workflows and task delegation. Time spent on mundane tasks is eliminated with Gush.
Online Tutoring Service
Edge is bringing world class tutoring from the Philippines’ best universities to the world, at unbeatable prices
Liquidation Superstore
Komento is a sustainable re-commerce company addressing the unclaimed and returned order problem piling up in South East Asia.
SaaS Platform
Evolution Collect is a debt collection software that drives better results with full omni-channel orchestration, machine learning, built-in compliance & auditability, and a powerful collection strategy engine.
Digital & Business Process Outsourcing Solutions
Altair is a Digital Business Services and BPO company with locations in the Philippines and Jamaica. They deliver the most advanced, digitally-powered business services to streamline business operations in a meaningful and sustainable way.
funds and incubators we back
Start-Up Incubator
The number one incubator in the Philippines focused on hyper value creation and bringing founder ideas from 0 to 1.
Early Stage Venture Capital Fund
The premier venture capital firm in the Philippines, and the first independent venture firm that is not backed by a conglomerate.
Venture Builder
The largest independent venture studio in the Philippines that provides plug and play back office services to the ventures that they support and build.
Venture Capital Fund
Venture fund led by brilliant investors betting on companies solving problems arising from cultural tension.

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